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Waste is a resource

We try to sustainably process all the waste that we produce at the station, on the train, at industrial sites and in offices so that it can be reused as raw materials. Our priorities are to increase the possibilities for reuse and decrease the size of waste streams.

Separating and recycling waste


Approximately two thirds of the waste produced in NS workshops and offices is separated. Paper, plastic, metal, wood and even organic waste are separated, disposed and reused. Old train wheels and tires are used as a raw material to make new wheels.

Separate collection

A large proportion of the waste produced on trains and at stations is paper. Separate waste collection is now being carried out on a trial basis at Utrecht Centraal, Roermond and Zutphen stations, among others. In the future, this will be done at all stations.

Tools and fluorescent tubes

Tools used by our train maintenance department are reused in Ghana and Liberia. In de Stichting Gered Gereedschap workshops, volunteers refurbish old tools. The tools are then used for technical training and technical start-ups in Africa. Fluorescent tubes are also picked up at many NedTrain premises and recycled.