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Personal travel information

The NS Lab app isn't a travel planner, but it does offer step-by-step travel information. How does that work? You plan a journey in the NS app and share it with the NS Lab app. You will then receive useful information about your journey, such as how many minutes you have to catch your train, where and when you need to transfer, and navigation instructions to your platform at several major stations. NS Lab can also use your location to provide the travel information you need, even if you're already on your way: the app shows which train you are in and the stations the train will stop at along the route.

When you share your journey from the NS app to the NS Lab app and check in at the station, the app will display the best route from your check-in post to your departure platform. At the top of the screen you can see the time until departure, and after the train leaves the station you can see how long the journey will take and which stations you will pass along the way before you have to de-board the train. 

NS Lab under development

The NS Lab app is still under development, and new features are scheduled to be released in 2019. 

We want to make it easier for you to see your regular travels in NS Lab. When a journey pops up in your calendar, the app will monitor whether the train is still running according to schedule. If your train departs from another platform than scheduled, you will receive a notification via the app.

We also want to expand your NS Lab profile in 2019 with personal travel information, as well as how many kilometres you have travelled with NS. That way, we will eventually be able to show how many trips you have already taken, how many of them were during peak hours or off-peak hours, and how long you sat in the train in total. We also aim to display how often you travelled in crowded trains, and whether there are any less-crowded trains along the same route. If your train is shorter than scheduled, then you will receive a notification and we will provide an alternate travel suggestion. 

During the journey itself, we would like to offer more fun facts about the trip. For example, the app will eventually show how fast the train is travelling at the moment, and you will be able to read interesting information about the train you are in at the moment and the places you travel past on your journey. In the future, NS Lab will also support door-to-door services, allowing you to easily plan all of your public transport travels from wherever you are at the moment.