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Renewing your NS-Business Card

Your NS-Business Card must be renewed every five years. If your card is about to expire, we can often send you a new one automatically. But it is always a good idea to check your address in Mijn NS Zakelijk before your card expires, and in some cases you may have to upload a new passport photo.

Check your address

We will send your new NS-Business Card to your private address or to your company's contact person. Check to see if your address is correct in Mijn NS Zakelijk. If you are unsure about whether you will receive your card at home or at your work, ask your company contact person.

New passport photo

If you have a Trein Vrij or Traject Vrij subscription, then your NS-Business Card features a photo of you. If you have granted permission for NS to save your picture, then you need to do nothing more. However, if not, then we ask that you send us a new passport photo.

Which situation applies to you?