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Cut costs

Would you like to save on mobility and administration costs? Choose to travel by train! Would you like to know how much your company can save on mobility costs? Enter your contact information, and we will call you to provide advice tailored to suit your needs.

The train is 30% cheaper

Travelling by train is less expensive than travelling by car. Your company can save up to 30% on every business kilometre.

Travel costs per mode of transportation:

  • Train: € 0,13 per kilometre
  • Car: € 0,19 per kilometre
  • Lease car: € 0,49 per kilometre

Cut administration costs

Using the NS-Business Card can save your organisation considerable time and money. We will bill you for all of your travel expenses with a single monthly invoice that lists each journey for each employee, which eliminates the need for individual travel declarations. That saves you a lot of time on administration.

Conversely, processing a single travel declaration costs on average € 25. For a company with 1,000 employees, that can add up to savings equivalent to the wages for 1 full-time employee.