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Order business day tickets

To order business day tickets, ask your company's NS contact person. The tickets can be ordered in groups of 50 per type.

How can you order business day tickets?

Only your company's NS contact person or companies that are already NS Zakelijk customers may order business day tickets. As a contact person, you can contact your NS account manager. He or she will then draw up a 'business day ticket contract' with you, after which you can order an unlimited number of business day tickets via an... The price will be determined in a separate contract with your company.

You can order business day tickets in quantities of 50 per type (1 train journey, 1 Day Trein Vrij and 1 Dag OV Vrij). The total order must be at least 100 day tickets, and an order may consist of a combination of two types of tickets. These orders are registered using a single order number. Business day tickets are only offered to organisations for whom the NS-Business Card is not a workable alternative, for financial and/or logistical reasons.

Order method

The order is shipped by registered post within 5 working days to the address of the NS contact person for your company. It is not possible to send a separate order to a different post address. Both 1st class and 2nd class day tickets are available (in quantities of 50). It is not possible to change classes with a business day card.

Termination, wrong cards delivered or no cards delivered

It is possible to terminate an order that has not been sent. Simply contact NS Zakelijk Customer Service as soon as possible at or call 030-3001111 (weekdays from 08:00 to 18:00). If you have received the wrong day tickets, or none at all, please contact NS Zakelijk Customer Service and we will send you the correct order as soon as possible.

Please return any wrong deliveries as soon as possible to:

NS Zakelijk Customer Service
Postbus 2572
3500 GN Utrecht

Administration and management

Business day tickets contract

The contract for business day tickets has no expiration date, but can be terminated at any time. The price of the day tickets is agreed upon in advance with your organisation and recorded in a separate contract. The entire order is invoiced after the day tickets have been shipped. Business day tickets may only be ordered based on a separate contract and cannot be included in any contracts for the NS-Business Card.

Unused/lost business day cards

NS Zakelijk cannot be held liable for the loss or theft of day tickets. It is not possible to block tickets to prevent unauthorised use. Unused tickets cannot be returned for a refund. Defective business day tickets cannot be returned or replaced.