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Season ticket

If you regularly travel by train, a season ticket is cheaper. You can use the season ticket selector to discover which season ticket would suit you best. You can directly purchase season tickets for up to 5 cards online.

Which season ticket suits you?

NS-Business Card

A single card for public transportation, Greenwheels, OV-fiets and much more.

€ 0

Dal season ticket

40% discount when you travel by train during off-peak hours

€ 4 per month, VAT excl.

Traject Vrij season ticket

Unlimited train travel along a select route

Traject Vrij met Gesplitst Betalen

Onbeperkt op een vast traject met mogelijkheid privégebruik.

Trein Vrij season ticket

Unlimited travel by train

€ 317 per month, VAT excl.

OV Vrij season ticket

Unlimited travel by train, bus, tram and metro

€ 370.85 per month, VAT excl.