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Budget Zeker BTM season ticket

For companies, NS now offers the Budget Zeker BTM (Bus, Tram and Metro) season ticket, which allows your employees to travel anywhere in the Netherlands by bus, tram and metro for a fixed amount per year.

Discount season ticket for NS-Business Card holders

If you or your employees have an NS-Business Card with a Traject Vrij season ticket, and also regularly travel by bus, tram or metro, then the Budget Zeker BTM (Bus, Tram en Metro) season ticket is a good addition. For a fixed amount per year, they can use a single card to travel by bus, tram or metro on any transport company anywhere in the Netherlands.

Fixed amount per year

You purchase a rate bundle for a fixed amount per year (also known as a 'use bracket' or 'season ticket bracket'). That way, you know exactly what you will have to pay. You never have to pay extra and your company does not have to worry about separate bus, tram or metro invoices. 

3 rate bundles

Budget Zeker BTM is sold in one of 3 rate bundles: Small, Medium and Large, depending on your employee's travel needs. With a price calculation module, you can calculate your employees' commute and select the most suitable bundle, based on an average of 46 weeks of travel.

How to purchase a BTM season ticket

First, contact your NS Zakelijk account manager. Together you can determine whether the BTM season ticket suits your needs best, and which bundles you would like to purchase. The account manager will make sure that the new season ticket is included in your contract. Then you can purchase it via Mijn NS Zakelijk as a supplement to a Traject Vrij season ticket via ‘Abonnement wijzigen’ (Change season ticket).


Each month, you will receive a single invoice with the fixed monthly amount for all of your employees combined. If their actual travel usage deviates from the expected travel use, then you can adjust your rate bundle at the end of the contract year. You can view the employees' travel history and decide whether you want to adjust the Budget Zeker BTM season ticket, leave it unchanged or terminate it.


If you would like to change your season ticket to a less expensive one, or terminate it altogether, then you will receive a refund prorated per day. So for example, if you decide to terminate the season ticket after 300 days, then you will be refunded 65/365 of the cost of the season ticket.