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This electric OV-bike makes sustainable travel even faster. The OV-ebike is available at these stations:
  • Driebergen-Zeist
  • Arnhem
  • Groningen
  • Maastricht
In the NS-app you can always see the current locations and number of available OV-ebikes.
All about the OV-ebike
  • OV-ebike is the comfortable electric rental bike for the last leg of your journey. Sustainable, fast and flexible: especially  when cycling longer distances.
  • Open the NS app and go to the ‘Near me’ tab to check how many OV-ebikes are available near you.
  • Renting an OV-ebike costs €10 / 24 hours with your NS Business Card.
  • Renting an OV-ebike is just as easy as renting an OV-fiets: 1. Choose a bike. 2. Scan your NS Business Card. 3. Off you go.
  • You can find a summary of all your OV-ebike rides on your NS-Business Card invoice.
Conditions and fares
Download the OV-fiets / OV-ebike terms and conditions (pdf).
Download the flyer with all the business rates (pdf).
Frequently asked questions on the OV-ebike
What does the OV-ebike cost?
You can rent an OV-ebike for €10 incl. VAT (€8.26 excl. VAT) per 24 hours with your NS-Business Card.
In this flyer (pdf) you will also find the rates for surcharges, damage, loss and theft.
How can I/my organisation use the OV-ebike?
  • You do not have to change a thing. You and your employees can use the OV-ebikes as part of the standard door-to-door service ‘OV-fiets and bicycle storage’. You might have to turn on this service in 'Mijn NS Zakelijk' in order to rent the OV-ebike.
  • Renting an electric bike is exactly the same as renting a standard OV-fiets. You can use an OV-ebike for €10 / 24 hours. It's sustainable and healthy! 
How can I turn on the door-to-door service 'OV-fiets', which allows me to rent an OV-ebike?
  • Log in (entrepreneurs too) as a contact person. For this, use your username + password.
  • Go to 'Manage cards and cardholders' and search for the cardholder(s) in question.
  • Turn on the door-to-door service 'OV-fiets en fietsstalling' for a single cardholder, by clicking on the NS-Business Card number and turning the service 'on'. If you want to do this for all (or several) cardholders at once, you can do this by looking up all cardholders via 'Manage cards and cardholders'. Then choose 'Change door-to-door services for [X] selected cards'.
What will my NS-Business Card invoice look like when using the OV-ebike?
Your monthly NS-Business Card invoice will stay the same. The only addition is that you will find that every OV-ebike ride shows up separately on the invoice summary.