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Frequently Asked Questions

Your itemised invoice and its attachments are made available to you every month in Mijn NS Zakelijk. If you have any questions regarding the invoice or one of the attachments, we would be happy to help you with the list of frequently asked questions below.

How can I view my invoice and the attachment?

Log in to Mijn NS Zakelijk as contact person. You can find invoices and attachments under the menu option Invoice information. {br} NB. Your username as contact person is usually [INITIALS][LAST NAME] (no spaces). Not working? Then call NS Zakelijk Customer Service to ask for your user name.

Can I receive a refund when I forget to check out?

You will see a correction fee for a forgotten check-out for a train journey on your invoice.

You can request a refund for a forgotten check-out via Mijn NS Zakelijk.

  • When logged in as a card holder, go to: 'Travel history'.
  • When logged in as a contact person, go to: 'Manage cards and card holders'.

You can also request a refund via the NS-app, if you are logged in to the app as a card holder.

You can request up to 5 refunds for forgotten check-outs per year. 

The invoice will show a correction fee for a forgotten check-out for a journey by bus/tram/metro.

You can request a refund for a forgotten check-out. Simply send an e-mail with reference to your card number (16 numbers) and the travel date.

You can request up to 5 refunds for forgotten check-outs per year for journeys by bus/tram/metro.

Which period is covered by the invoice I have received?

The first sentence on the invoice states “Please find here your NS-Business Card invoice for [month]-[year].” For example, if the invoice displays 'February 2019', then you are being invoiced for all transactions in February 2019. Both travel expenses and fees for subscriptions (if applicable for this month) will appear on the invoice. A transaction from the previous month may also appear on the invoice.

When will the amount of this invoice be debited from my account?

The amount on the invoice will be debited around 30 days after receiving the invoice.

  • Have you (also) received a credit invoice? (you are owed money by NS Zakelijk) We deduct this credit invoice from your open debit invoice (the invoice that you have to pay to NS Zakelijk). You will then be charged for the difference.
  • If your credit invoice is higher than your debit invoice, then nothing will be debited from your account. The debit invoice will remain in "Open" status in Mijn NS Zakelijk.
  • If your credit invoice is much higher than your debit invoice then it may be a few months before NS actually debits anything from your account. If you would rather not wait, then you can send a 'request for payment' to NS. You can send a request by email , including your debtor number (provided on the invoice) and your account details. Send an e-mail and you will receive the money in approximately 2 weeks.
  • The debit invoices will only be set to the status "Paid" in Mijn NS Zakelijk after all debit and credit invoices have been balanced or you have received your credit balance.

Can I use a credit invoice to pay a debit invoice?

  • If you pay automatically via direct debit, please see the question above.
  • If you pay via a bank transfer to NS, then you may deduct your credit invoice from your debit invoice and then transfer the remaining debit amount to NS. 
  • If your credit invoice is higher than your debit invoice and you would like this to be paid out, then you may send a request for payment via e-mail, including your debtor number (on the invoice), the invoice number and your account details. The amount will be deposited to your account within 14 days.

  • How do I know which invoice or invoices still need to be paid?

    In Mijn NS Zakelijk (logged in as contact person) you can see the invoices that you have received from NS Zakelijk, and you can see which of these have been debited. You can find this under the menu item 'Invoice information'.

    If you have further questions about your invoice, please feel free to call NS Zakelijk Customer Service.