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Renewed invoice

NS strives to make things easier for you, so we have updated our invoicing process. Read about the changes and the time frame below.

Invoice changes November 2018

Several changes will go into effect for the invoices you receive after 1 November 2018.

What will change, exactly?

  • You will no longer receive separate debit- and credit invoices. Instead, all debit and credit amounts will be processed in a single invoice.
  • Some of the nomenclature in the layout of the invoice (PDF) will be updated.


The invoice will also be provided in the form of an UBL file. We will provide more information about the timing and methods for e-invoicing as soon as possible. 

Invoice changes October 2018

In October 2018, the transaction overview (CSV-format) and the 'Overview of transactions for billing' were updated to make them easier to read. 

If you process the transaction overview via an automated administration system, the changes may require you to adjust your systems. 

What has changed? 

In the transaction overview, the semicolon (;) has been replaced by a line (|). The following columns have also been added to the overview: 

  • ‘Service provider’ 
  • ‘Reference’ 
  • 'VAT amount' 
  • ‘VAT percentage’ 
  • ‘Proposition element code’ 
  • ‘Proposition element name’ 
  • ‘Transaction series number’ 
  • ‘Indication-Potentialbulkdiscount’ 

The fields 'Country', 'VAT low rounding margin', and 'VAT high rounding margin’ have also been added to the header. 

Several unused columns have been removed. These columns are listed below: 

  • ‘Journey’ 
  • ‘Via’ 
  • ‘Supplement’ 
  • ‘Booking cots’ 
  • ‘Corrections’ 
  • ‘Card number' 

The field 'Institution code' has also been removed from the header. 

The nomenclature of the 'Overview of transactions for billing' posted in Mijn NS Zakelijk has also been changed. The new file name format is: ‘’. 

These changes were implemented retroactively, so they also apply to attachments to invoices you received before October 2018. If you view or download an invoice for a period before 1 October 2018 after that date, it will be shown in the new format. 


You can view and download sample invoices, transaction overviews, or itemised invoices below.