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Greenwheels Company Cars

With the NS-Business Card, you can travel door to door using various modes of transport. For example, there's Greenwheels Company Cars, a smart vehicle sharing system that's available any time you need it.

Why choose Greenwheels Company Cars?

  • Greenwheels Company Car is a shared car parked in front of your organisation's location.
  • You can use the NS-Business Card to conveniently reserve, manage, and pay for using the car.
  • Sharing Greenwheels Company Cars saves you the expense of owning a car and paying for parking space.
  • The ideal mobility solution for you and your employees.

How does it work?

We will consult with you about the number and type of Greenwheels sharing cars to be placed on your premises, with your organisation having the exclusive right to use them  l

You can open these cars with your NS-Business Card, and it also allows you to use other Greenwheels cars. You will receive a clear invoice for the services for which you used your NS-Business Card, including the costs for Greenwheels Company Cars. 

For more information, such as the option of using electrical cars, please contact your NS Zakelijk account manager. Alternatively, you can make an appointment or contact NS Zakelijk Customer Service to find out more.

Other companies' experiences

The municipality of Meierijstad uses Greenwheels Company Cars in combination with NS-Business Cards. Read their testimonial to find out about the benefits. 

Company Cars in Meierijstad