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You can rent an OV-fiets at almost 300 locations throughout the Netherlands. A healthy way to travel, and good for the environment too!​


  • You don't need a subscription to use the OV-fiets.
  • If you're travelling with someone else, you can rent two bikes using an NS‑Business Card.
  • Simply have the attendant scan your NS-Business Card and cycle away on an OV‑fiets.
  • All bike rentals are listed on your monthly NS-Business Card invoice.
  • You can also rent an OV‑fiets from the bicycle locker.

OV-fiets rental rates

You can rent an OV-fiets for 24 hours for only € 3.95.


How does it work?

First, if you have an NS-Business Card, look in Mijn NS Zakelijk to see if you can rent an OV-fiets via your employer.

Renting an OV-fiets at the storage facility

  • Show your NS-Business Card to the storage facility attendant, who will then scan your card and the barcode on the key, and issue you with a bicycle.
  • When you return, the attendant will scan the barcode on the key again.

OV-fiets from a bicycle locker

  • Insert your NS-Business Card in the card reader. 
  • The bicycle locker will open, and you can take out the bicycle.
  • When you return the OV-fiets, insert your NS-Business Card in the card reader again. Indicate that you are returning the bike, and put it in the bicycle locker.