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Contract with NS Zakelijk

Your contract with NS is valid indefinitely, but sometimes the NS Account Manager contact you on an annual basis to discuss terms and conditions. In your contract, you specify various details such as which as door to door services your employees are allowed to use.

In your contract you can

  • determine which season tickets your employees may use;
  • determine which door-to-door services your employees may use;
  • determine who is authorised to submit orders: the contact persons or the card holders themselves;
  • specify contact persons;
  • create departments;
  • determine where the card is delivered: at home or at work;
  • determine where the invoice is sent: main office or departments.

Ongoing contract

The NS-Business Card is valid for a period of 5 years, after which the card must be renewed. But the contract that your company has with NS has no expiration date, so it is not necessary to renew the contract or to issue new cards annually.

Determining door to door services

When you sign a new contract with NS for business travel, or enter into a new contract, you determine the available door-to-door services for your company for each season ticket or class. New NS-Business Cards are supplied with these standard settings.

Privacy legislation requires that NS asks card holders for personal permission to share the information required to book door-to-door services and for the communication about this with our door to door partners. For department cards we ask the NS contact person at your company for permission to share this information. If your company does not permit any door-to-door services, then
no information is shared.