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Door-to-door services for your company

When you agree to a contract with NS for business travels you also determine which door-to-door services your employees can use. How exactly does this work?

Determining door-to-door services

When you sign a new contract with NS for business travel, or enter into a new contract, you determine the available door-to-door services for your company for each season ticket or class. For example, you and your employees could use your NS-Business card for a Greenwheels car or an OV-fiets. The settings for your company apply for all card holders with the same season ticket and/or class. New NS-Business Cards are supplied with standard settings.

Managing door-to-door services per card holder

In addition, it is possible to adjust the door-to-door services available for your company for an individual card holder (or a group of card holders) using Mijn NS Zakelijk. The NS contact person within your company can turn the door-to-door services available to your company on and off for each NS-Business Card or group of card holders. This can be done after the start date of the NS-Business Card. The card holder cannot change these settings.

Replacement card

When you order a new card, for example due to loss or damage, your business receives a new NS-Business Card equipped with the standard settings for your company. Changes you made at the card holder level have to be made again.

NS-Business Card and fixed services

Business travel by train, bus, tram or metro is part of the fixed service package of the NS-Business Card. These types of transport cannot be turned off on the NS-Business Card. The NS-Business Card can be used during free time as well as for business and this cannot be turned off.

How to change door-to-door services in Mijn NS Zakelijk

The NS contact person at your company logs in to Mijn NS Zakelijk and:

  • selects the chosen card, department, season ticket type or class in the Mijn NS Zakelijk starting screen;
  • chooses the change option for the selected cards' door-to-door services;
  • adjusts the door-to-door services for the selected card or cards.

Door-to-door services can also be changed for each specific NS-Business Card. This is done in the Kaartdetails screen.

Informing card holders about door-to-door services

Card holders are informed about the door-to-door services available to them via email. They are informed both when a new card is applied for and when door-to-door services are changed.

Sharing information with door-to-door partners of NS

Privacy legislation requires that NS asks card holders for personal permission to share the information required to book door-to-door services and the communication about this with our door-to-door partners. For departmental cards we ask the NS contact person at your company for permission to share this information. If your company does not permit any door-to-door services, then no information is shared.

This information is only shared when the card holder uses a specific door-to-door service. With the exception of Q-Park; the NS-Business Card number is shared with this party automatically when the service is 'turned on'.

Giving permission to share information

By asking for permission in advance we prevent the card holder from being inconvenienced at a later stage by being unable to make use of door-to-door services. Your employees can easily give permission to share their information with door-to-door partners of NS. This can be done by logging in to Mijn NS Zakelijk or by entering the card number and date of birth using the form Personal Settings.

What information is shared with door-to-door partners?

For most door-to-door services the NS-Business Card number is shared. For taxi and Greenwheels services additional information is shared:

Our partners never use this information for commercial purposes
Door-to-door service Which information is shared? When is information shared?
Q-Park P+R car parks NS-Business Card number Once permission has been given.
Taxi Name, e-mail address, telephone number and NS-Business Card number When the card holder books a taxi ride
Greenwheels car NAW-information and NS-Business Card number When the card holder requests a Greenwheels car.