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Managing door to door services

When you enter into an agreement with NS Zakelijk, you also configure which door to door services you want to use. Continue reading to find out more.

Configure door-to-door services

For each subscription or class, you specify which door to door services are available for your organisation. Your settings apply for all cardholders with the same subscription and/or class. All new NS Business Cards will also have these default settings. Business travel by train, bus, tram or metro is part of the fixed service package of the NS Business Card and can therefore not be deactivated.

Managing door to door services per cardholder

On top of that, your organisation's NS contact person can modify door-to-door services for individual cardholders or groups of cardholders in Mijn NS Zakelijk. These settings can be modified after the NS Business Cards have been activated. Cardholders cannot make adjustments themselves. 

Changing door to door services in Mijn NS Zakelijk

Log in to Mijn NS Zakelijk as a contact person.

  • Select the desired card, department, subscriptiontype or class on the Mijn NS Zakelijk starting screen.
  • Choose the option to change the door to door services for the selected cards.
  • Change the door to door services for the selected cards.

Door to door services can also be changed for each specific NS Business Card. This can be done on the card details screen.

Cardholders are notified by email regarding the door to door services available to them. They are informed both of requests for new cards and of changes to door to door services.

Sharing information with NS's door to door partners

Privacy legislation requires that NS asks card holders for personal permission to share the information required to book door to door services and the communication about this with our door-to-door partners. For department cards, we ask the NS contact person at your company for permission to share this information. If your company does not permit any door-to-door services, no information is shared. You can grant permission by logging in to Mijn NS Zakelijk or filling in the card number and date of birth via the form set preferences.

This information is only shared when the cardholder uses a specific door to door service. With the exception of Q-Park; the NS-Business Card number is shared with this party automatically when the service is 'turned on'.

Which information do we share with our door to door partners?

For most door to door services, we only share the NS Business Card number. For taxi and Greenwheels services, additional information is shared:

Our partners never use this information for commercial purposes
Door to door service Which information is shared? When is information shared?
Q-Park P+R car parks NS-Business Card number Once permission has been given.
Taxi Name, e-mail address, telephone number and NS-Business Card number When the cardholder books a taxi ride
Greenwheels car Name and address details and NS-Business Card number When the cardholder requests a Greenwheels car.