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Invoicing and payment

The contact person for NS within your company can view invoices in Mijn NS Zakelijk and download specific details.

Itemised invoices can be found in Mijn NS Zakelijk

The NS contact person can view invoices in Mijn NS Zakelijk. The invoice overview can be seen in the left hand menu after logging in to Mijn NS Zakelijk. You can view and download invoices and appendices here. It is possible to download per department, both as a .pdf and a .csv file.

The following information is shown on the invoice:

  • NS-Business Card season tickets
  • Train journeys, supplements and any corrective fees
  • Selected door-to-door services
  • Bus, tram and metro journeys

You will receive the invoice for the services that have been used on the third week of the following month. We do not provide a separate annual statement. You can use the monthly invoices for your administration. These show the journeys that you and/or your employees have made during the previous month.

Please note: invoices and attachments are only available in Mijn NS Zakelijk for a period of 18 months.

Making a distinction between business and private travel

The new NS-Business Card was developed as 1 card with which an individual can make all of his or her work related journeys (commuting and business trips). This means that the card can be used at any time. As a result, the NS gates cannot recognise whether or not a business journey is being made. All journeys made using the new NS-Business Card appear on the invoice, including private travel.

In Mijn NS Zakelijk, card holders can add the characteristics ‘Privé, ‘Zakelijk’ or ‘Woon-werk’ to every transaction. This provides every card holder with insight into the ratios between business travel, commuting and private use of the NS-Business Card. For example, this specification can be used to calculate the card holder's private usage. If your organisation would rather not encourage private travel, then it is necessary to reach agreements with your employees in this regard. NS Zakelijk provides an example of a User Agreement.

Journeys made on the invoice

All directly charged journeys appear on the invoice. But journeys that are made using a Traject Vrij season ticket, Trein Vrij season ticket or OV Vrij season ticket are not shown on the invoice overview. You were billed for this part earlier. Journeys that the card holder makes using door-to-door services are always shown on the invoice.

The rates on the invoice are the same as the prices that NS and other carriers charge for travelling using balance. Go to the sites of other carriers to see the rates that they charge. NS rates can be found on our rates page.

Paying for fixed season tickets

The fixed costs for Traject Vrij, Trein Vrij, OV Vrij and Dal season tickets are charged in advance annually. The date of invoicing depends on the starting date of the specific season ticket.

The starting date of the season ticket is the determining factor for the invoicing of season ticket costs. The annual ticket price is invoiced when the first 12 months of the first season ticket year have elapsed, in the 1st month of the second year.