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Invoicing and payment

All travel expenses are billed with a monthly invoice based on usage and the class in which you have travelled (1st or 2nd class). As contact person for NS within your company, you can view the invoices in Mijn NS Zakelijk and download specifications.

Itemised invoices in Mijn NS Zakelijk

The invoice includes the following information:

  • NS-Business Card subscriptions
  • Train journeys, supplements and any corrective fees
  • Purchased door to door services
  • Bus, tram and metro journeys

You will receive the invoice for services used in the 3rd week of the following month. We do not provide a separate fiscal annual report. You can use the monthly invoice for your bookkeeping. This shows the journeys that you and/or your employees made during the previous month.

Please note: invoices and attachments are available in Mijn NS Zakelijk for a maximum of 18 months.

Journeys made on the invoice

All directly charged journeys appear on the invoice. But journeys that are made using a Traject Vrij subscription, Trein Vrij subscription or OV Vrij subscription are not shown on the invoice overview. You were billed for this part earlier. Journeys that the card holder makes using door-to-door services are always shown on the invoice.

The rates on the invoice are the same as the prices that NS and other public transport carriers charge for travelling using balance. Go to the sites of other carriers to see the rates that they charge.

Paying for fixed subscriptions

The fixed costs for Traject Vrij, Trein Vrij, OV Vrij and Dal subscriptions are charged in advance annually. The date of invoicing depends on the starting date of the specific subscription.

The starting date of the subscription is the determining factor for the invoicing of ssubscription costs for the second year. The annual ticket price is invoiced when the first 12 months of the 1st subscription year have elapsed, in the 1st month of the 2nd year.

Distinction between private and business travel

Mijn NS Zakelijk enables card holders to add the characteristic 'Private', 'Business' or 'Commute' to every transaction. This way, you can get an insight into the proportions of business travel, commuting and private use of the NS-Business card for each card holder. You can use this to, for example, charge the card holder for private use. If your organisation does not wish to facilitate private use, then you should reach agreements with your employees about this. NS Zakelijk can provide a template user agreement.