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Big business

From energy company to factory and from travel agency to clothing brand, NS Business is your mobility partner and has experience with a wide variety of sectors and various organisational structures. We are also familiar with your situation, and we can provide your organisation with tailored solutions.

What can we help you with?

  • Sustainable mobility policies
  • Cutting costs
  • Happy and healthy employees
  • Freedom to travel thanks to good accessibility

Team Commerce and Industry

“Would you like to stimulate travelling less, differently and more efficiently? Then let business mobility work in your favour!”

Linda Dijs

06 52 00 18 35

Team Financial business services

“Working on your business mobility can have many benefits. Such as savings, lower CO² emissions and healthy and happy employees. How? I'd be happy to explain.”

Rika Jongman

06 29 59 84 68

Team government and non-profit

“Increasingly, our business customers are looking for solutions that are beneficial to both the employer and the employees. How can you set up these solutions cleverly, flexibly and sustainably? I would be happy to help.”

Marcus Hinrichs

06 57 87 62 67

Sustainable travel 

In order to further reduce CO² emissions, you can reduce mileage, stimulate alternative transport and make car transport cleaner or more efficient.

Cutting costs

For many organisations, the costs for commuting and business travel are the second or third largest expenditure. So it's definitely worth looking at ways top save money.

Happy and healthy employees

Employees are becoming increasingly keen on physical and mental fitness. Stimulating different travel habits can contribute to the health and well-being of employees.

Freedom to travel and good accessibility

Travel by train, bus, tram and metro is obviously classified as public transport. With the door to door services, additional transport can also be arranged. It is also easy to book European train journeys.