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NS-Business Collective

Choose care-free mobility at an affordable & flexible rate - for your entire organisation. Read how it works and what the benefits are on this page.

How does it work? 

You have an advantageous collective contract for your entire organisation that entitles your employees to unlimited free travel either by train or the entire public transport system using the (free) NS-Business Card.

The rate for the NS-Business Collective is based on your employees' travel habits. But what happens if they change, for example because they start working from home more (or less)? No problem! The rate is adjusted for changing travel habits on a quarterly basis.

Would you like to get the NS-Business Collective for your organisation? It's available for organisations starting from 30 employees.

Why choose the NS-Business Collective?

  • Flexible: Your employees enjoy unlimited travel by train or any mode of public transport, for business, commuting and private journeys.
  • Affordable: an advantageous contract for your entire organisation to give your employees unlimited free travel. 
  • Transparent: the rate is calculated on a quarterly basis based on your employees' actual travel history.
  • Simple: a minimum of administration and no hassle with expense claims. What could be easier than that? Use the NS-Business Card for all of your journeys. 
  • Sustainable: the NS-Business Collective is ideal for any sustainable mobility policy. Train travel is entirely free of emissions.

> Did you know that you can also use the NS-Business Card for services such as OV-fiets rental, Greenwheels and P+R parking facilities? 

Be a 'great place to work'

Employees value freedom in their working week. The NS-Business Collective gives them the freedom to organise their mobility as they see fit. 93% of employees say that they are more satisfied with their employer when they are offered the NS-Business Collective.


Curious about the possibilities?

Then contact us to learn how your organisation can take full advantage of the NS-Business Collective. 

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What our customers say

“What I appreciate most is the flexibility of the new NS-Business Collective. It takes changes in how we travel into consideration. That's invaluable in these times!”

Hans Bijl - HR Manager Reward & Labour Relations, VodafoneZiggo