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NS-Business Collective

A new contract option: unlimited train travel for all of your employees for a fixed amount. We would be happy to talk about the many options available.

What are the benefits? 

  • Unlimited travel for your employees, both work and private
  • Satisfied employees
  • 100% certainty for your mobility budget
  • Contributes to sustainable mobility policy
  • Almost no administrative burden


Become an Employer 3.0

For whom is NS-Business Collective intended?

Employers who place a high priority on employee satisfaction, by giving employees the freedom to arrange their own mobility needs. Employees have the opportunity to travel anywhere by train, both for business and for private travel. 

Become an Employer 3.0 with NS-Business Collective

  • 93% consider free travel to be a sign of a good employer
  • 88% consider free private travel to be a valuable employment benefit
  • 65% feel more appreciated by their employer
  • 66% travel by train more often

Learn more

Your NS Zakelijk account manager can tell you all about the new contract form. Contact NS Zakelijk directly at tel.: 030 - 300 11 11 or via Or leave us your information, and we will contact you at the first opportunity.