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As a self-employed entrepreneur, you want to make your own choices and use your time efficiently. With the NS-Business Card, you can arrange all of your transport with 1 card. This is not just convenient, but also helps you get more insight into your mobility.

What does the NS-Business Card provide?

  • All transport arranged with 1 card.
  • No season ticket fees; you only pay for journeys you have made.
  • Less paperwork: 1 card, 1 continuous agreement, 1 invoice.
  • Online management environment in Mijn NS Zakelijk.
  • Add a season ticket for lower travel costs.

Convenience of 1 card

Travel by train, bus, tram and metro obviously falls under public transport. With door to door services, additional transport can also be arranged. This way, your employees can with their chosen mode of transport every day. It is also easy to book European train journeys.

Travel time becomes working time

Reading through meeting documents or checking your emails on the move. As an entrepreneur, this provides an average of 4 extra productive and declarable hours per week.

Insight into mobility and less administration

All of your journeys with public transport and the door to door services are invoiced afterwards based on usage. This is done monthly. You do not need to collect receipts or process declarations. This makes administration simpler, and saves time. In addition, you always have insight into your travelling habits.