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Small business

Fully arrange all transport for you and your colleagues. Travelling with public transport is often cheaper than travelling by car. You can work on the move, and do not have to put up with traffic jams. In addition, you always have insight into your travelling habits.

What does the NS-Business Card provide?

  • All transport arranged with 1 card.
  • No subscription fees; you only pay for journeys you have made.
  • Less paperwork: 1 card, 1 continuous agreement, 1 invoice.
  • Online management environment in Mijn NS Zakelijk.
  • Add a subscription for lower travel costs.

Convenience of 1 card

Travel by train, bus, tram and metro obviously falls under public transport. With door to door services, additional transport can also be arranged. This way, your employees can with their chosen mode of transport every day. It is also easy to book European train journeys.

Control over and insight into incurred travel expenses 

With the NS-Business Card, you have much less administration to deal with. Each month, you receive 1 invoice with an overview of the journeys made by each employee. That means you can easily arrange a VAT refund using 1 clear invoice with all of your business travel costs

Happy and healthy employees

Employees are becoming increasingly keen on physical and mental fitness. The increase in the retirement age and the ageing population both play a role here. Encouraging different travel behaviour can contribute to the well-being and health of your employees.