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Working together to improve mobility

We welcome any initiatives that make the customer's journey simpler or more enjoyable. Companies and travellers want convenience, custom-tailored travel information and a pleasant travel experience from door to door. NS appreciates working with parties that are able to help shape the customer journey and encourage travel by train.

Partnership opportunities

1. Partnership contract for Company Card providers

You can make the standard NS product ‘travel by train' part of your company's own product portfolio. In order to be eligible, you must be registered in the OV-chipkaart system and offer a 'Company card'. This partnership is based on a standard commission payment structure. For the requirements for becoming a Company Card provider, please refer to Translink

2. Lead generation

Promote a product from the business portfolio as one of our partners, and receive a one-time payment for each product sold. Promotional materials will be provided to support this activity.

3. Partnerships for specific campaigns

You can get even more from your campaign with NS as your partner. We would be happy to work with you as you conduct a campaign to encourage a specific target group to travel more by train.

4. Information exchange and contract management

As you make mobility more convenient for customers, you can use this partnership form to simplify the administration of your clients and expand your portfolio of commercial services. It is possible to make agreements regarding the automated exchange of information between your clients, yourself and NS.

5. ICT collaboration for specific customer demands

Help us improve convenience for business customers and lower the threshold to public transportation. We would be happy to work with you to quickly develop specific customer demands and provide bespoke solutions.

Information and contact

A combination of partnership opportunities is also possible. Contact us to discuss the terms and conditions.

Can you contribute to improving the mobility of companies and their employees? And are you interested in a partnership with NS? If so, please don't hesitate to contact us using the registration form.