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Forgotten Check Out Service

It can happen to anyone: your forget to check out after a travelling on an NS train. Luckily, as of 1 October 2017, the Forgotten Check Out Service is available as standard for the NS Business Card. A handy service with which we can correct a forgotten check out for you.

The benefits

  • Convenience: a reminder when you forget to check out
  • Savings: never pay too much for a trip with NS again

How does it work?

We correct the forgotten check out automatically if we can determine your final station to a reasonable degree of certainty. For example, we may look for a subsequent check in. Based on the final station, we determine the journey price and inform you via email. If we are unsure about the final station, we will send you an email notification so that you can correct the journey yourself in Mijn NS Zakelijk.

Please note: The Forgotten Check Out Service only applies for journeys made with NS.

Refunding the corrective fee

If we cannot determine the final station to a reasonable degree of certainty, we charge a corrective fee. This is charged on the 5th day following the travel date. You receive an email with a request to specify the relevant check out station. This can be done in Mijn NS Zakelijk up to 6 months after the date of travel. You can find the corrective fee under the previous journeys in your travel history. If you add the correct final station under 'Refund for forgotten check in or check out', then we can charge the original ticket price and refund the corrective fee, for no extra cost.

Maximum of 5

We correct forgotten check outs a maximum of 5 times per calendar year. After this, your journeys will no longer be corrected automatically, and you will no longer receive automatic notifications via the Forgotten Check Out Service. You can then only correct forgotten check outs via the NS Zakelijk Customer Service department.


Invoicing an automatically corrected train journey is new for you. This is how it will look on
your invoice:

(Debit invoice) – we charge this:

  • The ‘Corrective fee: journey with no check out’ on the date of the forgotten check out.
  • The journey price for the automatically corrected journey.

(Credit invoice) – we refund this:

  • Refund for the ‘Corrective fee: journey with no check out’ on the date of the forgotten check out.

This automatically corrected journey does not affect the automatic reading of the CSV file by your company's systems.

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