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Business rates 2015

We would be happy to explain the rates for the NS-Business Card and the season tickets and services that you can use with the card.

Price changes for Intercity direct supplement 1st class and ICE

As of 1 January 2015, the supplement for the Intercity direct has been simplified and now costs only € 2,30 for 1st and 2nd class. The Intercity direct supplement for 2nd class remains unchanged, and 1st class has been reduced from € 3,00 to € 2,30. This discount has also been implemented in the supplement season tickets for the Intercity direct. The ICE supplement will be increased from € 2,00 to € 2,30. NS-Business Card holders may travel on the ICE without an ICE supplement.

Reasons for the price increase

NS pays the railway administrator ProRail compensation for the use of the rail network. These costs will increase. NS strives to balance income and expenses, so the prices for tickets will increase occasionally.

Rates NS-Business Card

The NS-Business Card without season ticket

The card itself is free.

The rates for travel on account are the same as the rates for OV-chipkaart as listed in the Travel Planner.

NS-Business Card with Dal season ticket

€ 50 per year (including 6% VAT)

NS-Business Card with Traject Vrij season ticket

The costs are based on the distance of the selected route and the class in which you travel (1st or 2nd).

Download pdf with the prices for the Traject Vrij season ticket for 2016

All prices are per year.

NS-Business Card with Trein Vrij season ticket

1st class - € 6,540 per year (including 6% VAT)

2nd class - € 3,900 per year (including 6% VAT)

NS-Business Card with OV Vrij season ticket

1st class - € 7.188,50 per year (including 6% VAT)

2nd class - € 4.548,50 per year (including 6% VAT)

Intercity direct Altijd Toeslagvrij annual route

(available with your Dal, Traject Vrij, Trein Vrij or OV Vrij season ticket)

1st class - € 65 per month (including 6% VAT)

2nd class - € 50 per month (including 6% VAT)

Intercity direct Monthly supplement

1st class - € 78 (including 6% VAT)

2nd class - € 60 (including 6% VAT)

Long distance discount

The long distance discount is a discount per kilometer. The longer your journey, the greater the discount. As the discount is calculated over the price charged by the train company providing the last leg of the journey, a minimal price difference may result between the outbound and return journeys. On 25 June 2014, the long distance discount was introduced for travel on balance, and on 1 August 2014 for travel on account with the NS-Business Card.

Long distance discount for travel on account and Traject Vrij season ticket outside the selected route

As of 1 August 2014, the double boarding rate has been eliminated and NS-Business Card holders can benefit from the long distance discount on journeys with more than one transport company. This equalises the prices for travel on account and travel on balance. These changes apply both to the consumer and the business market and to all rail companies (NS, Arriva, Breng, Syntus and Veolia, Connexxion).

When you transfer from a bus, tram or metro operated by one company to one operated by another company, you will still be charged 2x the boarding rate of € 0,86 in 2014.