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The convenience of a single card

Business travel is easy with the NS-Business Card, and it works much more efficiently: traveling on account from door to door with a single card.

With an NS-Business Card, you and your employees can travel anywhere in the Netherlands with ease via train, bus, tram or metro. Plus, every card holder can take advantage of a variety of door-to-door services, such as taxi, parking, OV-fiets or booking an international journey. Your company has a single contract with NS Zakelijk, whether you have 1,000 employees or only 1.

Make the best use of your travel time

Your employees can travel at ease by train, because it allows them to organise their work time as suits them best. Preparing for a meeting, reading a book or finding inspiration. To facilitate telecommuting, we offer free WiFi in most NS trains and at the 48 largest stations so that travelers can work on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. That way, you and your employees can arrive at your office or client well prepared. And it adds an average of 4 extra productive and billable hours per employee per week.

Insight into mobility

We bill all of your travel costs via a single monthly invoice listing all of the journeys for each employee. This provides an excellent overview of your organisation's mobility situation.

Less time spent on administration

Individual travel declarations are a thing of the past, thanks to a single, easy-to-read monthly invoice. That not only simplifies your administration workload; it also saves your company time.

Custom-tailored recommendations

If you would like to know what the NS-Business Card can do for you or your organisation, such as how much you can save on administrative costs, or how you and your employees can work more efficiently while traveling, then send us your contact information and we will call you back to discuss how best to serve you.