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Using door-to-door services

With the NS-Business Card, you can take advantage of a wide range of public transport services. Let Hugo show you how in these short videos.

How do I use the OV-fiets?

If your final destination is not within a short walk of the station, consider using the OV-fiets instead. Watch this video to learn how to use the OV-fiets with your NS-Business Card.


How does self-service storage work?

Your NS-Business Card also entitles you to use an OV-fiets from the self-service storage facility. With just a few simple steps, you can continue your journey on a convenient OV-fiets. Hugo shows you how it works.

Self-service storage

How does the OV-fiets locker work?

At some stations, the OV-fiets bicycles are stored in lockers. You can use your NS-Business Card to open the locker and use the OV-fiets.

Bicycle locker

How can I park my car at the Q-Park P+R?

Sometimes it is just more efficient to drive your car to the closest station and then transfer to public transport. Watch this video to learn how to use your NS-Business Card to park at a Q-Park P+R.


How can I use a Greenwheels car?

Open the reserved Greenwheels car with your NS-Business Card, step inside, enter your pin code and drive away. It's that easy!

Renting a Greenwheels car