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Ordering the NS-Business Card

The NS-Business Card is available starting from € 0
  • Travel on account
  • Add a season ticket of your choosing for more affordable travel, such as an Off-peak season ticket with 40% discount
  • Less administration: 1 card, 1 ongoing contract, 1 invoice
  • Order your free NS Business Card

    NS-Business Card

    Useful information

    • Travel on account by train, bus, tram and metro anywhere in the Netherlands
    • Online management environment in Mijn NS Zakelijk
    • Save on travel expenses with optional season tickets
    • Easily make use of door-to-door services

    In addition

    • International travel on account, for example with Thalys to Paris and Brussels or with ICE International to Frankfurt or Cologne

    Save on travel expenses

    Do you or your employees travel on public transport often? Then there are 4 different season tickets which can save you money on travel expenses:  Dal season ticketTraject Vrij season ticketTrein Vrij season ticket of OV Vrij season ticket. New client? Subscriptions can be cancelled daily, from one month after the start date.


    With an NS-Business Card you can travel on account on the train, tram, bus and metro. The invoicing of all travel expenses is done based on monthly public transport usage and whether 1st or 2nd class was chosen. You can find the prices for travel with NS in the Travel Planner. The prices for other services and various season tickets can be found under rates.

    Travel from door to door

    You can use the NS-Business Card to travel on account from door to door:

    How to order

    You can order the NS-Business Card if you have a KvK (Chamber of Commerce) number. You can directly request your card using iDeal. You confirm your bank account number by making a 1 cent payment. This account will then be used for automatic payment.

    If you do not use iDeal, then you can apply for an NS-Business Card using the application form.

    Has something changed?

    If you already have an NS-Business Card, you can change your information via Mijn NS Zakelijk.


    Order today

    If you are not a self-employed entrepreneur, you can still order for a small business.