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Process after ordering

You have ordered the NS-Business Card. What now? As a new NS Business customer, you should go through the following steps.

Step 1. Agreement application

You receive the application form from your NS Business contact person. With this application form, you can conclude an agreement between your organisation and NS. When filling in this form, you start by specifying a contact person. The contact person is responsible for ordering and managing the NS-Business Cards. If your organisation has more than 1 contact person, then it is advisable to specify a contact person for each department.

As contact person, you can order multiple cards at once when ordering NS-Business Cards with or without Dal season tickets. Cards with other season tickets can only be ordered per employee. In the agreement, you specify who may order and receive the cards.

In addition to personal cards, you can also choose departmental cards. These are anonymous NS-Business Cards that can be used by multiple individuals from the department. You can order this card with or without a Dal season ticket.

Finally, you can choose between receiving a monthly or annual invoice, and whether the invoice should charge costs centrally or per department. There are no additional costs associated with the choice of invoicing method. Separate transactions are invoiced on a monthly basis.

Step 2. Application processing

Once all information has been processed by NS, the contact person (you) will receive the login details for Mijn NS Zakelijk. Using the link to Mijn NS Zakelijk, you can create an account for the organisation. You can then load all employees into the program. Here, personal information, such as personnel numbers and cost centres, can be linked to employees. This results in the creation of a Mijn NS Zakelijk account for each employee.

Step 3. Ordering cards

Depending on what you stated on the application form, finalisation of the order will be the responsibility of the contact person or the employee. Once the Mijn NS Zakelijk accounts have been activated, you can place the NS-Business Card order.

Upload a passport photo of the employee for the NS-Business Card and choose one of the available season tickets. Would you like to know which season ticket would suit you the best? Then fill in the abonnementenwijzer.

Step 4. Receive and distribute cards

After finalising your order, the employee will receive his or her card within 14 days at the address specified in Mijn NS Zakelijk. You can make agreements internally regarding the use of the card, such as when and for what the NS-Business Card may be used, and how the administrative settlement should be arranged.

Step 5. Travel

Once the NS-Business Card has been received, it can be used immediately. Or after a specified start date.

Step 6. Invoice

NS Business sends a monthly invoice for the journey made and services used during the previous month. The contact person for invoicing receives an email with the total invoice. This is an overview of all the costs incurred. There are 3 invoice types available in Mijn NS Zakelijk. The PDF invoice in Mijn NS Zakelijk provides an overview of incurred travel costs. You can use the CSV files to carry out analyses, which you can use to generate management reports and specific insights. You can find out how to make the best use of these invoice tools in the instruction manuals.