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Our customers talk about the NS-Business Card

Travelling with the NS-Business Card offers many benefits for your company and employees, including saving on travel expenses, convenience and environmentally friendly travel. Read what other people think and discover the benefits of business travelling with NS.

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Why have they chosen to travel with the NS-Business Card?

Business travelling with NS

Many entrepreneurs, athletes and organisations are already using the NS-Business Card. Such as the Province of Zeeland and Stichting Natuurmonumenten. Read the testimonials to find out why they chose the NS-Business Card for their employees' commuting and business trips and what their experiences were.

For athletes and entrepreneurs too

The top athlete Tessa Veldhuis and the entrepreneur and Olympic champion Ard Schenk also travel using the NS-Business Card. In two video clips they tell us why they are enthusiastic about the card and what benefits it can offer. And why has the entrepreneur Iwan van Geelen chosen to start using the train to travel to Germany? Read his story below.

Athletes talk about the NS-Business Card

NS does not just use the NS-Business Card as a way of unburdening entrepreneurs and employees. As Official Supplier, NS also supports top level Dutch athletes with the NS-Business Card. This way, top athletes and upcoming talent are helped on their way to success.

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Natuurmonumenten reduces emissions

When your organisation manages more than 100,000 hectares of natural landscape, sustainable entrepreneurship is in your nature. Natuurmonumenten encourages its employees to use public transport by providing the NS-Business Card, allowing it to reduce CO2 emissions by 300 tons.

The Province of Zeeland and the NS-Business Card

The NS-Business Card makes travelling for business easy, affordable and sustainable. The NS-Business Card turned out to be a good solution for the Province of Zeeland.

Freelancer: "I've finished my work before I get home"

Currently, entrepreneur Iwan van Geelen takes the international train to Cologne every few weeks. This way he makes it to his destination faster and his work is finished before he gets home.