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Natuurmonumenten reduces emissions

When your organisation manages more than 100,000 hectares of natural landscape, sustainable entrepreneurship is in your nature. Natuurmonumenten encourages its employees to use public transport by providing the NS-Business Card, allowing it to reduce CO2 emissions by 300 tons.

Natuurmonumenten encourages the use of public transport to reduce CO2 emissions

"In terms of mobility, our choice for the NS-Business Card is a choice for public transport and the bicycle", says HR manager Ron Adelaar. "Each year our employees cover around 1.5 million kilometers on public transport and reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 300 tons. You would need 50 hectares of forests to compensate for that."

Since its founding, bicycles and sustainable public transport have been Natuurmonumenten's first choice. Adelaar: "Nobody has a company car. Not even the managing director. But you can get a season ticket for the train. That is the kind of organisation we are." In 2007 the preference for public transport was reaffirmed in the new transport policy: All employees are entitled to free public transport and a cycling allowance equal to the car allowance.

Free choice of transport

Depending on their home address and function, since January 2014 all 725 employees are entitled to an NS-Business Card with a Traject Vrij, Trein Vrij or Dal season ticket or an NS-Business Card without a season ticket. "If you work in an office, then public transport is a good option. It is less ideal if for example you are a forest ranger in one of our 355 nature reserves. They travel in a car, but are only reimbursed for a limited number of kilometers. In addition, a proportion of our workforce chooses to use a car for personal reasons. People who need to bring children to nursery for example", says Adelaar.

Additional services

Natuurmonumenten does not just encourage the use of public transport through full reimbursement, but also by providing all the additional services for the NS-Business Card. "We provide as much motivation to use public transport as possible", explains Adelaar. "Not everyone lives or works near a station. In such cases, services like Greenwheels or the OV-fiets are a good solution. The OV-fiets is extremely popular. As many as one in four of our employees use this service. It is also a transport service that suits our organisation and the travel needs of our employees very well."

Contributes to policy goals

The NS-Business Card suits the green organisation Natuurmonumenten and its policies in several areas. "Take flexible working for example. We have made it possible for employees to work when and where they want, so they have flexible working hours. Flexible working results in a change in travel behaviour, for example travelling after rush hour. It also causes a reduction in travel. The NS-Business Card allows us to respond to these trends properly", according to Adelaar.

50 hectares of forest

Reduction of CO2 emissions is an important objective for Natuurmonumenten. "We have achieved a decrease of 2% compared to 2013. The kilometers that were travelled by train rather than by car made an important contribution to this reduction. And do not forget the kilometers covered by bicycle. 1.5 million kilometers per year are travelled using public transport, which represents a reduction in emissions of 300 tons of CO2. To convert that to oxygen you would need 50 hectares of forest, an area of 1 x 0.5 km. That is now available for others", says Adelaar. "We are still seeing an increase in the use of public transport and bicycles by our employees, and a reduction in the number of work related travelled kilometers. That is partly attributable to the convenience of the NS-Business Card."