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Results of NS Zakelijk customer satisfaction survey

In 2015, NS Zakelijk conducted a customer satisfaction survey among contact persons and users of the NS-Business Card. The respondents were generally positive, awarding an average grade of 7 or higher, but they did point out some issues that need improvement. Naturally, we will take measures to address these concerns. So in the coming period we will focus on reducing the administrative and management burden for our customers.

The convenience of the NS-Business Card

Our goal is to ensure that at least 75% of those surveyed rate our services with a grade of 7 or higher. We achieved that goal among the users of the NS-Business Card, but fell just short among contact persons, with 73%. Compared with last year, the customer satisfaction rating has remained stable. Issues that both groups rated positively dealt with the quality of the product: ease of use, the combination with other modes of public transport and travel on account. We will continue to strive to maintain and improve this positive rating in the future.

Simplicity and convenience

The contact persons increasingly see NS Zakelijk as more than just a mobility partner. We are very pleased with that result, and we aim to expand that role by advising our clients on the best mobility choices in terms of cost and sustainability. Our contact persons also identified invoicing and administration as points that need improvement. We see opportunities in simplifying these aspects and taking work off of our customers' hands. We will focus especially on the invoice, the procedures for cancelling cards and faster correction of charges for forgetting to check in and out.

Better management

Users of the NS-Business Card see its convenience, the combination with other modes of public transport and the fact that they don't need to submit declarations as the main plus points. The biggest concerns are the price, the administrative burden and the need to check in and out when travelling. Our goal is to increase our customers' satisfaction in the area of management, and we will do so by improving and monitoring the quality of our customer service. We will also pay attention to checking in and out, for example by installing more check-in posts and providing more timely insight into forgotten check-ins and -outs.