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NS Go-pilot
Settle private travel easily through your employees' salaries. Get to know our product in an accessible way: NS Go-pilot.
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The benefits
  • The convenience of the NS-Business Card as well as making and settling private travel via salary.
  • With the same NS-Business Card, your employees travel privately and on business by train, bus, metro and tram. And all door-to-door services such as cab, OV-fiets, shared scooter and Greenwheels-car.
  • No balance loading is required. You will receive an invoice afterwards for all business trips made.
  • No unexpected costs for you as an employer.
About this pilot
Your employees continue to experience the convenience of the NS-Business Card, but they can also make private trips and settle them via salary. Based on your mobility policy, they register the trips as commuting, business or private trips.
What does this pilot involve?
  • The NS-Business Card(s) as a mobility card for door-to-door travel. Available with or without a subscription.
  • Insight into travel behavior and invoices via the NS Go mobility portal.
  • Possibility to easily settle employees' private travel via salary.
How does it work? 
In the NS Go-portal, you can download a monthly file and then upload it into your payroll system. It is an easy-to-implement solution without HR and payroll integrations.
Good to know: NS Go can be expanded with additional mobility policies, controls and/or reports (such as CO2 reporting). We will gladly advise you about the possibilities, during and also after the pilot.
NS Business Card - General
One-time pilot price
NS Go pilot is now temporarily available for €2,500 for one year. This is a one-time pilot price. There is no implementation fee.
Please note that this offer is available for organizations from 100 to a maximum of 500 participants.
Curious about the possibilities?
We are happy to give you personal advice.