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Insight and reporting
All the administration around mobility comes together in NS Go. You have 24/7 insight into travel behavior, costs and CO2 emissions. This gives you a grip on your policy and ambitions when it comes to sustainable mobility and vitality. You also automatically meet the CO2 reporting requirements for commuting and business travel. It is also possible to receive customized reports and dashboards that match your organizational goals and KPIs.
24/7 insight into transactions and costs
To keep a grip on your mobility policy, it is nice to have 24/7 insight into all travel transactions and costs. That gives you insights to be able to adjust your objectives. Finally, you can systematically check for misuse by taking random samples of employee travel transactions.
CO2 dashboard: meeting CO2 reporting requirements
Since July 1, 2024, organizations with more than 100 employees are required to record their employees' trips for CO2 reporting purposes. This involves all kilometers per transport and fuel type, specified for commuting and business trips. Quite an administrative challenge. NS Go saves you the time and effort because we automatically track CO2 emissions in the CO2 dashboard and provide streamlined reporting. This annual report meets the requirements of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works.
Ability to customize reports and dashboards
Do you need custom one-time reports? On request we can customize these to the needs of your organization. Do you need continuous, comprehensive insight into your organization's mobility usage? With the custom dashboards you get the insights that match your organizational goals and KPIs.
Want to know more?
Want to know what NS Go can do for your organization? We would be happy to give you a demo of NS Go, the platform for all your business mobility. No obligation. Would you prefer advice or to be called back for questions? That is also possible!
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