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Every organisation that orders NS-Business Cards enters into a contract with NS Zakelijk. We have drawn up a list of Frequently Asked Questions about entering into an NS-Business Card contract and managing and changing contracts.

Changing a contract

  • Arranging a contract is quick and easy

    Each organisation that orders NS-Business Cards enters into a contract with NS Zakelijk for an indefinite period of time. If you have ordered NS-Business Cards online, then the contract is created automatically and you will receive it by e-mail. If you do not order online, or if you want to order more than five cards, you will need to arrange a contract before you are able to order NS-Business Cards. You can only enter into a contract if you have a Chamber of Commerce number. 

    The contract must be signed before you can place an order.

    We advise you to contact NS Zakelijk or request a contract directly.

  • Notification of change of address

    Report changes in address to the Kamer van Koophandel. Once the change has been processed, please get in contact with NS Zakelijk Customer Services. We will then check and process the change of address in our system.

  • Changing a contact person within a contract

    Please contact NS Zakelijk to arrange this.

  • Terminating a contract with NS Zakelijk

    We're sorry to hear that you want to terminate your contract. We'd like to hear your reasons for doing so, so that we can improve our services.

    To terminate a contract, all NS-Business Cards associated with the contract must first be terminated. You can do this in Mijn NS Zakelijk. Once this is done, please contact NS Zakelijk. We will then finalise the termination of the contract.

    If you are an independent contractor/freelancer, you may consider maintaining the contract and the NS-Business Card. The NS-Business Card will then remain usable in the event that you need it. if you do not travel with it, you will not pay any costs, unless you have a subscription.

Managing NS-Business Cards as part of a contract

  • Insight into costs, savings and travel

    As a contact person, you will find a dashboard in Mijn NS Zakelijk (management reporting) that you can use to view the number of kilometres travelled, the costs of using the NS-Business Card and the savings that the company has realised by travelling by public transport during a particular period.

    This report is downloadable.

Sample user agreement

As the employer, you decide which travel options employees with an NS-Business Card have. But in order to establish clarity about the use of the card, you may decide to agree on certain rules and record them in a user agreement. We have drafted a sample user agreement to assist you in this respect.