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NS-Business Card Agreement
Every organisation that orders NS-Business Cards enters into an agreement with NS Zakelijk. We have listed the frequently asked questions for you. Not only about the establishment, management and regulation of an NS-Business Card agreement, but also about the management of multiple NS-Business Cards within the agreement.
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We’ve listed some of the most frequently asked questions below.
Frequently asked questions
Entering into an agreement, it’s easy!
To order NS-Business Cards, an organisation must enter into an open-ended agreement with NS Zakelijk. If you ordered your NS-Business Cards online, the agreement will become effective automatically, after which it will be sent to you by e-mail. If you do not order the cards online or wish to order more than 5, you will have to enter an agreement before you can order your NS-Business Cards. You need a Chamber of Commerce number to enter into an agreement. Before you can order your cards, you must sign the agreement. For advice or more information, please contact NS Zakelijk or request an agreement now.
Passing on a change of address
Submit your change of address to the Chamber of Commerce. As soon as the change has been processed, please contact the NS Zakelijk Customer Service department. We will then verify and process the change of address.
Terminating an agreement with NS Zakelijk
We’re sorry to hear you want to terminate the agreement. Please let us know why you wish to terminate the agreement, so we can continue to improve our services. Before you can terminate the agreement, please make sure to terminate all linked NS-Business Cards in Mijn NS Zakelijk first. Next, please get in touch with NS Zakelijk. We’ll then take the final steps to terminate your agreement.
Insight into costs, savings and travel history
In Mijn NS Zakelijk an organisation’s main contact person will have access to a dashboard (management report) providing insight into distance travelled, the costs of using the NS-Business Cards and the savings your organisation has made by travelling by public transport over a certain period of time. You can download this report.
Example of a user agreement
As an employer, you get to decide which services to offer to your employees through the NS-Business Card. For the sake of clarity, you can also make agreements about the use of the card and record them in a user agreement. Here’s an example of what such a user agreement can look like. Example of a user agreement(pdf)