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NS Business Card Dal season ticket

Pick the quickest, most efficient or just the most pleasant way to travel every day. The NS Business Card lets you travel by train, car, bus or tram, Greenwheels or OV bike. You can easily combine the card with your own car, because you only pay for the card when you use it. Order a new NS Business Card with a Dal season ticket with the special promo code now, and you will only have to pay € 2 instead of € 4 per month. Without a season ticket, your NS Business Card is completely free!

Promo: Dal season ticket for just € 2 per month

Use your promo code when you submit your order to pay € 2 instead of € 4 per month. All amounts are excluding VAT.

How do you order?

  1. Select the Dal season ticket.
  2. Configure your door-to-door services.
  3. Enter your details.
  4. Enter the promo code. Please note: the price shown in your cart will not change, but the discount will be applied to your invoice.
  5. Enter your company name or KVK number.

All the benefits in a row

  • 40% discount outside peak hours, in the weekend and on holidays.
  • Combined travel discount: 40% discount for up to 3 fellow passengers.
  • Your season ticket is linked to your NS Business Card. You pay for all your travel afterwards, with 1 clear invoice.

Interesting for you?

If you travel outside peak hours at least once a month and travel to different destinations, the NS Business Card with a Dal season ticket  might be interesting for you.

When can you travel with 40% discount?

  • Outside peak hours on weekdays: before 6.30, between 9.00 - 16.00 and after 18.30.
  • All day long during weekends: between 18.30 on Friday and 4.00 on Monday morning.
  • Public holidays: all day.