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For self-employed entrepreneurs

As a self-employed entrepreneur, you are always busy, and you often have to put off your administration until the evening hours. NS can make things easier for you. With the NS-Business Card for self-employed entrepreneurs, you have the convenience of a single card for all of your train travel and other services. And you only have to pay a single easy-to-read monthly invoice.

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Benefits of the NS-Business Card self-employed entrepreneurs

  • Travel by bus, tram, metro, OV-fiets and other modes of transportation using a single card
  • No initial costs, no subscription costs
  • Payment by means of a single, easy-to-read monthly invoice
  • No travel declarations, and easy VAT refunds

Discover the freedom and convenience of the NS-Business Card

As a self-employed entrepreneur, every day is unique. Since you regularly change clients, workplaces or need to visit new clients, you need to travel frequently. Your do not have a clear division between work and private life, so you need to utilise your time as effectively as possible. When you travel for work, you try to spend the time as productively as possible, by preparing for the work ahead, or perhaps to take a moment for yourself.

With the NS-Business Card, you have the freedom to travel as you wish from day to day, and the flexibility to better utilise your travel time. Plus, it makes your administration a lot easier, since you do not have to keep your receipts or log your kilometres, because you always have an online overview of your travel expenses. That's how convenient it is to travel with the NS-Business Card!

​The NS-Business Card is just as flexible as you are

If you only travel occasionally, then you may only need the free NS-Business Card, with which you only pay for the times that you use the card. But if you travel more frequently, it may save money to expand the NS-Business Card with one of the supplemental season tickets: DalTrein Vrij or OV Vrij. And if your travel needs change over time, you can always change or cancel your season tickets as the need arises.

Convenient travel from door to door with the NS-Business Card

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