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Did you forget to check in?

In the rush to catch a train, we all forget to check in once in a while.

Here's what you can do

If you are still at the station, try to check in again. If you are already aboard the train, please inform the conductor. If you cannot find the conductor, please check in at the next station.

Correction fee (fine)

If the conductor discovers that you have not checked in, then he or she will register that fact and you will be charged a correction fee (fine) of € 50 on your next invoice.

No ticket check?

If you could not check in, and the conductor did not check your ticket, then you should still check out at your destination. If you check out at a station with posts, then our system will read that as a check-in, because it will be the first time that our system registers your OV-chipkaart. Your invoice will then bill you a correction fee of € 20 for forgetting to check out. If you travel with a discount or a 1st class supplement, then the correction fee will be adjusted accordingly.

For example: if you travel 2nd class with a 40% discount, then the correction fee will be € 12 (€ 20 x 0.6)