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Forgotten to check in or out?

If you forgot to check out from NS at your destination, don't worry. If you are still near the station, you can check out up to 6 hours after you arrived at your destination. If you don't have an opportunity to check out again, we will try to automatically correct your fare if we can determine where you left the train, for example because you frequently travel along the same route.

Unknown destination

If you don't check out at the end of your journey, we cannot know where you left the train. Sometimes we can deduce where you might have departed, for example if you regularly travel along the same route. In that case, we will only charge the normal rate for the journey.

Correction fee

If we cannot deduce your destination, then we will charge a correction fee of € 20. If you travel with a discount or in 1st class, then we will adjust the correction fee accordingly. 

For example: if you travel 2nd class with a 40% discount, then the correction fee will be € 12 (€ 20 x 0.6)

Requesting a refund

If you pay too much for a journey, you can request a refund for the extra amount. Simply contact our Customer Service and inform them where your journey ended, and the price for the fare will be corrected on the next invoice, so you will only be charged for the actual price of the journey. 

Our Customer Service is available day online via Twitter @NS_online or Facebook or by calling: 030 - 751 51 55.

Forgetting to check out with a different carrier

If you've forgotten to check out with a carrier other than NS with your Flex season ticket, you can correct your check-out via The correction will appear on your invoice. If you forget to check out with another carrier more than three times in a six month period, you will need to inquire with the carrier concerned yourself.