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Managing expenses

With NS Flex, you pay for your travels at the end of the month via a monthly invoice. We understand that you would like to be able to view the costs incurred before you receive an invoice. So you can view all of your travel costs online via Mijn NS.

Online overview

With NS Flex, you cannot see how much the journey costs when you check out at your destination, because the price of the journey is not determined when you check out, but when it is registered with Translink. 

However, you can always view your expenses online via Mijn NS. Here, you can see how many journeys you have taken, and what they cost, at any time. These costs are of course also posted on your monthly invoice. 

My journey is not yet visible

In Mijn NS, you will see: 

  • My latest journeys with NS, here you can see the last check-in and check-out you made with NS. No price is listed for this journey.
  • My public transport travel history, here you can see your complete public transport travel history (train, bus, tram, metro, OV Fiets, and bicycle storage), including prices. It may take some time before your journey is entered in our system, because Translink calculates the costs (including any discounts or supplements) after you travel.

Coming soon: view via the app

We are working hard on making your travel expenses visible via the Travel Planner Xtra app, so that you can view your travel history anytime, anywhere.