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Explaining your invoice

Sometimes you would like more explanation of your invoice, especially if you travel using Flex, when the invoice can be different each month. That's why we are answering the most urgent questions here and are explaining the most common situations.

Example invoice with explanation

The example shows information about all the possible items that can appear on an invoice. Your own invoice probably has fewer than this one.

View the example invoice (pdf, in Dutch)

Good to know

You receive one invoice each month. Remember that you always pay your season ticket charges a month in advance. You always pay your travel costs in the next month.

  • When do I receive my invoice?

    From now on you will receive your invoice on the day of the month on which you took out your season ticket. If for example you ordered your NS Flex season ticket on the 18th, you will then receive your invoice on about the 18th of the month.

    As soon as your invoice is ready, you will receive an email showing the total amount, the collection date and the number of the account from which the amount will be taken. You can then view the invoice via Mijn NS.

  • When do I pay my invoice?

    We try to collect the amount within five days after your receipt of the invoice email. It is unfortunately not possible to change the collection date. If the invoice shows that you are getting money back from NS, you will receive it in your account a few days later.

Does your invoice look different from what you expected?

If your invoice looks different from what you expected, there is often a simple reason. We have listed the possibilities for you.

  • First invoice

    Your first invoice is always different from subsequent invoices. This is because of the season ticket charges, which are always paid in advance, and any administration charges in connection with purchasing your season ticket. Your season ticket shows which charges you can certainly expect to see on your first invoice.

    NS Flex: Dal Voordeel, Altijd Voordeel, Weekend Vrij, Dal Vrij, Altijd Vrij

    • season ticket charges for the next month

    NS Flex: Weekend Voordeel

    • season ticket charges for the next month
    • once-off administration charge

    NS Flex: Without a season ticket

    • once-off administration charge
  • Travel costs and public transport services

    Travel costs

    With an NS Flex season ticket you always pay your travel costs in the next month, which is very handy because you don't have to load a balance. If you travel in one month more than in another, your invoice can be higher or lower as a result. To enable you to keep an eye on your monthly charges it will soon be possible to set up helpful alerts, which will tell you if you've reached the amount you set.

    Upgrading to First Class

    Has it got busier on the train? With NS Flex it's easy to switch to First Class. You can do this up to 15 minutes after you've checked in, and the additional charges will be shown on your invoice.

    Door-to-door services

    Your NS Flex season ticket allows you to use various handy NS services such as the OV-fiets and bicycle storage on account. These charges will also be shown on your invoice, and can of course vary from month to month.

  • Changing your season ticket

    With NS Flex you travel flexibly and choose the discount that suits you in that month. You can also stop your season ticket temporarily. Did you change your season ticket last month? Then remember when you check your invoice that it will look different as a result.

  • Correction fares

    Anybody can forget to check in or out. In both these cases we apply a correction fare, which will be shown on the next invoice. Click on the links below for more information.

    Forgetting to check in

    Forgetting to check out

  • Cancelling your season ticket

    After cancelling your season ticket you will receive one more invoice. This will show the travel costs for the previous month plus any charges for NS services and any correction fares.

  • Missing journey details

    It can happen that a journey by bus, tram or metro is not shown on your invoice, or that the name of a stop is missing. Why is that? NS itself has no access to your bus, tram or metro details, but receives them from Translink, which can take up to 21 days. If you receive an invoice during this period, we will charge the missing journey on your next invoice.

    Unfortunately we are unable to fill in missing stop details for you. We are having discussions with other carriers about obtaining these details as completely as possible.