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Refunds for delays

Have you experienced a delay during your domestic journey with NS? That's irritating. Fortunately, you can request a refund for delays of 30 minutes or longer. On the Intercity direct, you can even request a refund for delays of 15 minutes or longer.

Refund amount

You are entitled to a refund of 50% of the price of the journey for delays of at least 30 minutes, and 100% refund for delays of 60 minutes or more. The refund is based on a 2nd class fare. In the future, we will refund the actual NS Flex fare, taking any discount rights and 1st class upgrades into consideration. In the meantime, you can reply to the e-mail informing you that your request has been processed if you wish to receive a refund on a 1st class fare.

NS will not grant a refund if…

  • the compensation is less than € 2.30. 
  • a longer travel time was announced in advance. 
  • the delay was caused by a transporter other than NS. 
  • you did not check in or out using your OV-chipkaart. 
  • you submitted the refund request more than 3 months after the travel date. 
  • the delay was due to force majeure, such as a nationwide power outage.

Submitting a request

Submit a refund request using the webform 'Refunds for Delays'. 

Reimbursement payment

We will usually send you an e-mail informing you whether your request has been approved and the refund amount within a week. We will then automatically refund the amount to the bank account number provided.

If you submit your claim within 5 days of the travel date, we will only process your claim when the delay data are confirmed in our systems 5 days after the travel date.