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Students and minors

Please note: you can only order NS Flex if you are over 18.

Student travel product & NS Flex

If you use a student travel product and want to start using NS Flex as well, you will need a second OV-chipkaart. If you put NS Flex on the same OV-chipkaart as your student travel product, NS Flex will replace your student discount. Obviously, that's not what you want.

When ordering NS Flex, just select the new OV-chipkaart option. You won't even have to pay extra. How's that for value?

Dal Voordeel [Off-peak discount] for graduates

If you've just graduated or if your student travel product has expired, you can a free year of Dal Voordeel [Off-peak discount]. This offer doesn't apply in combination with NS Flex Dal Voordeel [Off-peak discount]. TO make use of this discount, pick Dal Voordeel [Off-peak discount] Travel on Balance.