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Student or under 18

Want to travel with a NS Flex season ticket as a student, recent graduate or under 18 passenger? Here are some things to look out for.

Student Travel Product & NS Flex

Unfortunately, you can't have a student travel product and NS Flex on the same OV-chipkaart. If you do, NS Flex may override the discount you get as a student. To prevent this from happening, request a new , free OV-chipkaart when you order your NS Flex season ticket.

Dal Voordeel for graduates

If you've recently graduated or your student travel product is no longer valid, then take advantage of our new offer: a free Dal Voordeel season ticket for a year! The season ticket is valid for one year, and allows you to travel with a 40% discount during off-peak hours and weekends. This offer does not apply to the NS Flex Dal Voordeel season ticket.

Under 18

You can only order NS Flex above the age of 18. Children and young people between the ages of 12 and 17 are not allowed to order NS Flex themselves, but your parent can order an NS Flex season ticket for you. Because they will be paying for your season ticket, we ask that they please enter their own details. 

How does it work

  • Go to the online shop and select a season ticket for your child
  • Click on "Continue"
  • In the 'Your details' tab, let us know that you're ordering a season ticket for your child by ticking the box for 'I'm ordering a season ticket for my child' at the top of the page.

So you often take the train outside peak hours and in the weekend? Get 40% discount on your train travel with our NS Flex Dal Voordeel season ticket! Usually, all it takes is one return trip to recoup the extra costs!