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Switching to NS Flex

Even if you already have an NS annual season ticket, you can still easily switch to NS Flex at any time. Read below how to switch and what you need to pay attention to. Please note: you can only order NS Flex if you are 18 years of age or older. If you are under the age of 18, ask your parents to request a season ticket for you.

I have an annual season ticket

  • Switch via Mijn NS. You can do that at any time during your annual season ticket period. Your new NS Flex season ticket will be activated immediately.
  • Remember to delete your current season ticket from your OV-chipkaart at a ticket machine.
  • We will refund the remaining season ticket amount to your account within two weeks.
  • If you still have a balance on your card, we will correct it on your first NS Flex invoice.

I have a regional season ticket

You can now combine your NS Flex and discount season ticket for bus, tram or metro on a single OV-chipkaart. This is not done automatically, however; please contact our Customer Service by telephone at: 030 - 7515155.
One of our assistants will then deactivate the bus, tram and metro service from NS Flex, so that you can receive the correct discount on travels by bus, tram or metro. You will then travel on account when travelling by train with NS Flex, but you will have to top up the balance on your OV-chipkaart to travel by bus, tram or metro.

I have a student travel product

If you currently travel using a Student Travel Product and want to start using NS Flex, then you will need a second OV-chipkaart. This is because if you add NS Flex to the same OV-chipkaart that you use for your Student Travel Product, NS Flex will replace your student discount. Obviously, that's not what you want. When ordering NS Flex, just select the new OV-chipkaart option. You won't have to pay extra.

Good to know

We keep developing NS Flex. For example, we aim to make Keuzedagen available for NS Flex in the near future. 

NS Flex is also (not yet) available in combination with:

  • Kids Vrij
  • Bus, Tram, Metro Vrij
  • Supplemental season tickets
  • Senior discounts for 65+ for the Weekend Vrij and Dal Vrij season tickets

The Voordeeluren season ticket will not be offered in combination with NS Flex.

Weekend Vrij or Dal Vrij 1st class season ticket

If you currently have a 1st-class Weekend Vrij or Dal Vrij season ticket and would like to switch to NS Flex, then your standard travel option outside of the free travel period is now 2nd class instead of 1st class. If you would like to travel 1st class during this period, then you can easily change travel classes in Mijn NS.