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Switching to NS Flex

If you already have a season ticket, it's easy to switch to NS Flex. You can do so at any time, even if you have an annual season ticket.

I have an annual season ticket

  1. Switch to NS Flex via Mijn NS. You can do so at any time during your annual season ticket.
  2. We will automatically cancel your current season ticket. If you have paid in advance, then we will refund the balance of your season ticket costs to your account.
  3. If you still have a balance on your OV-chipkaart, we will credit it on your next NS Flex invoice.
  4. Download NS Flex at the Ticket Machine. We will automatically cancel your current annual season ticket at that time. 

I have a monthly season ticket

  1. You can order NS Flex online as soon as your monthly season ticket expires.
  2. You can continue using your current OV-chipkaart with photo, or you can request a new OV-chipkaart when you order NS Flex.
  3. After 15 minutes have passed, you can download NS Flex at any NS Ticket Machine. If you have ordered a new OV-chipkaart, you can download NS Flex as soon as you receive your new card.

Good to know

NS Flex is a new product and like many new products, it is still under development. We will be looking to make Combined Travel Discount and Optional Days available for NS Flex in the near future. 

There are some traditional season ticket types that are not (yet) supported by NS Flex, such as:

  • Traject Vrij
  • Kids Vrij
  • Intercity direct Altijd Toeslag Vrij
  • Bus, Tram, Metro Vrij
  • Additional Season Tickets
  • Senior discounts for people aged 65 and over for Weekend Vrij and Dal Vrij Season Tickets

The Voordeeluren season ticket and Optional Days will not be supported by NS Flex.

If you currently have a Weekend Vrij or Dal Vrij 1st class season ticket and switching to NS Flex, you will no longer be limited to 1st class travel in the period that is not covered by your season ticket. When switching to NS Flex, your non-free period preference will be set to 2nd class by default. You can change your preference to 1st class in MijnNS.