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Mijn Deur tot deur

You can use a variety of door-to-door services in Mijn deur tot deur, such as changing, canceling and viewing information and services.

Managing your information

In your personal Mijn deur tot deur environment,you can manage your personal information and your door-to-door services. Your personal environment is a password-secured website where you as a registered NS customer can find and edit all of your personal information, as well as view your invoices and products and enter changes.

Lost login information

In order to log in to Mijn deur tot deur, you must use your e-mail address as your login name. You will then receive an e-mail from NS with your password. if you cannot remember which e-mail address you used, check the inboxes for your various e-mail accounts to find the e-mail from NS. If that does not work, send a mail to: explaining your problem.

Editing your personal information

In your personal Mijn deur tot deur environment, you can change some of your own personal information. You need your e-mail address and password to log in. You can only change your e-mail address, password and bank account number in your personal environment. You can change any other personal information at Mijn NS.

Managing your information with an NS-Business Card

Holders of an NS-Business Card can ask the NS contact person at their company to enter any changes to their personal information. If you are self-employed or the only card holder, you can enter changes yourself via Mijn NS Zakelijk. To log in as the contact person, use your user name, not your e-mail address.