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Renewing, cancelling, or changing Keuzedagen

Cancelling your season ticket or switching to another season ticket may have consequences for your Keuzedagen. Your Keuzedagen will be extended and renewed automatically.

Renewing your Keuzedagen

Several weeks before the expiration date, you will automatically receive an e-mail or letter informing you that your Keuzedagen will be automatically renewed.{

Cancelling Keuzedagen

If you wish, you can cancel your Keuzedagen after the first year of your season ticket. You may receive a refund for any unused, valid Keuzedagen. NS will not refund any expired or used optional days. To cancel your Keuzedagen, please call NS Customer Service.

Keeping your Keuzedagen when switching to another season ticket

If you would like to continue using your Keuzedagen, but would like to cancel your Voordeeluren season ticket, you can switch to a Dal Voordeel or Altijd Voordeel season ticket. Please note that the times you can use your Keuzedagen will be slightly different than the Voordeeluren season ticket.

Changed discount periods

If you choose to order Keuzedagen with a Dal Voordeel or Altijd Voordeel season ticket, you can travel anytime before 06:30 or after 09:00 from Monday to Friday, including during the afternoon peak hours. But during the months of July and August, you will not receive the discount you may have been accustomed to with the Voordeeluren season ticket.

Changing validation date

If you would like to change the validation date for your optional days, you must first terminate your current contract and buy a new season ticket. You can then request new optional days for the new season ticket.

Changing travel class for Keuzedagen

Permanent travel class change

If you would like to change your Keuzedagen from 2nd class to 1st class, or vice-versa, then you can do so easily online via Mijn NS or by contacting our Customer Service.

Changing travel class for a day

If you would like to travel in 1st class comfort for a day, but you have a 2nd class Keuzedagen season ticket, then you can change your travel class at the NS Ticket Machine. 

  1. Hold your OV-chipkaart against the card reader at the bottom right of the NS Ticket Machine.
  2. Select 'Change class Current: 2nd’.
  3. Select 'Supplements -1'.
  4. Then select 'Supplement 'Toeslag 2-1 Keuzedag' and follow the payment instructions on the NS Ticket Machine.
  5. Hold your OV-chipkaart against the card reader again. Your travel class has been changed.

Please note: download your Keuzedag to your OV-chipkaart before you order the Supplement 2-1 Keuzedag!