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Check-in fee

When you check in, NS charges you a check-in fee. If you then forget to check out, we will charge the full amount of the fee to your balance or account. If your actual travel costs are less than the check-in fee, then you are entitled to a refund of the excess amount. You can correct a forgotten check-out by checking out at an NS post or gate within 6 hours. 

Check-in rate per season ticket

 The check-in rate depends on which season ticket you have:

  • For an anonymous or personal OV-chipkaart, the check-in rate is € 20.
  • For an OV-chipkaart with Dal Vrij, Weekend Vrij, Dal Voordeel, Altijd Voordeel or Voordeelurenabonnement, the check-in rate is € 10. The same rate applies to Student Travel Products. For Weekend Vrij and Dal Vrij, you only pay a check-in fee if you travel outside of the period in which you enjoy unlimited free travel.
  • No check-in fee applies for Altijd Vrij and Traject Vrij season tickets.

Business Card

When you do not check in or out, we cannot calculate the price for the journey, so we will charge a correction fee. The correction fees differ per season ticket. The fee will be billed via your monthly invoice. 

Requesting a refund

If your actual travel costs are lower than the check-in fee, then you have been charged too much. You can request a refund after 24 hours, and within 6 months of the travel date.