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Bicycle storage at Heerenveen station free for first 24 hours

At the guarded bicycle storage facilities at Heerenveen station, you can store your bicycle for free for the first 24 hours using your OV-chipkaart. That makes it even easier to store your bicycle, and the facility offers OV-fiets rentals as well.

Choose how you would like to store your bicycle

Day storage

You can use your OV-chipkaart to store your bicycle at Heerenveen station. The first 24 hours are free, and if you wish to store your bicycle for a longer period, you pay only € 0.50 per day with your bank card or using Storage on account, which you pay for at the end of the month with an invoice.

Sign up for Storage on account for free here.

Purchase an annual season ticket

Annual season tickets are available for only € 55 per year. Simply link your personal OV-chipkaart to your season ticket, and then you can use your OV-chipkaart to gain access to the storage facility.


  • Store and collect your bicycle quickly and easily.
  • Unlimited storage for a full year for only € 55.

You can purchase an annual season ticket online.

Do you have any questions?

We would be happy to help you. Please contact NS Customer Service at tel.: 030-7515155 or by using the bicycle storage contact form. We are standing by 24-7.

You already have a season ticket. What has changed since 18 July?

Annual season ticket holders

In principle, nothing changes for people who already have season tickets. You can still use your special access pass until the end of the term of your season ticket.

When you renew your season ticket, you will switch to using the OV-chipkaart. You can sign up for a new season ticket online. You will link your new season ticket to your personal OV-chipkaart, which you can use to gain access to the storage facility. You no longer need the special access pass, so you will receive a refund for the € 20 deposit you paid for the pass. If you do not know when your season ticket expires, please contact NS Customer Service.

Season ticket discount

As of 1 August 2016, the price of a season ticket has been reduced from € 105 to only € 55. Any excess amount paid will be refunded automatically. The refund amount is calculated as follows: the remaining time on your current season ticket will be rounded off to the nearest whole month and divided by 12 x € 50 (the annual rate of € 105, minus the new rate of € 55).

Any refund amount will be automatically deposited to your bank account within 8 weeks. If your bank account number has changed, or if you have not yet received the refund amount, please contact our Customer Service department.