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Bus, tram and metro

Train journeys are charged directly to your account. With the NS-Business Card, this is also possible for bus, tram or metro travel. You can check in and out with all these carriers and modes of transport, and receive an invoice for all your journeys. Travel even more conveniently!

The benefits

  • You can use one card for unlimited travel on all public transport in the Netherlands.
  • No need to worry that there is not enough balance on the card.
  • You receive a clear invoice afterwards.
Travel by bus, tram and metro

Regional season ticket

Do you regularly use the bus, tram or metro to get to work? Then consider a Regio season ticket. With the Regio season ticket you pay a fixed annual price for unlimited travel on the bus, tram and metro in a region of your choice. This season ticket is loaded onto a separate personal OV-chipkaart rather than your NS-Business Card.