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Greenwheels Company Cars

The NS-Business Card allows you to use various modes of transport to travel from door to door. For example there's Greenwheels Company Cars. This is a smart vehicle sharing system available any time you need it.

Why choose Greenwheels Company Cars?

  • Make your trip even more flexible, efficient and sustainable.
  • By using a car sharing scheme to save on vehicle costs and parking..
  • Takes all the worry out of your hands.
  • Easy to book, manage and pay for using the NS-Business Card.
  • A mobile solution for employees.

How does it work?

After consulting you we will have the number and types of shared cars that you need brought to your premises. These will be for the sole use of your employees. The cars can be opened using the NS-Business Card. You can also use other Greenwheels cars too. They can be found at more than 1,700 locations, so there will always be one close at hand. Afterwards you will receive an invoice clearly specifying the costs incurred using the NS-Business Card. These will include the costs incurred for Greenwheels Company Cars.

Convenient for both employer and employees

The municipality of Meierijstad uses Greenwheels Company Cars in combination with the NS-Business Card and explains the benefits.


Your account manager at NS Business will be happy to tell you more. For instance about the option of supplying electric cars. For more information or to make an apppointment to discuss the options, please contact your account manager. Or call Business Customer Service on 030 300 11 11. We are on hand to talk to you day or night.

Company Cars at Meierijstad